Have Cherry Hemangiomas? Ask about the Laser Cherry Hemangiomas treatment by Spa Medica, LLC.

cherry hemangiomas before afterCherry Hemangiomas are small mole-like vascular malformations that can appear on the face and neck but are normally more prevelant on the body. Cherry Hemangiomas is made up of a concentration of microscopic blood vessels. Ypicall grouped very closely together at the surface of the skin. They can appear on any part of the body, but are most commonly found on the torso. It is not known what causes cherry hemangiomas.

Cherry Hemangiomas and Cherry Angioma

Do you have small, red moles on your body? Are you self-conscious of these moles to a point that causes you to cover them up at all cost to your comfort or lifestyle? We can help to eliminate these cherry hemangiomas and Cherry Angioma from your body. Our process is painless, simple and lasting. Our treatment can help restore your self-confidence and give you a reason to show off your skin! By pinpointing the mole with a laser, we’re able to treat cherry hemangiomas. Our laser causes the moles to dry up and simply fall off in a matter of days. There will be remaining signal they were ever there, you’ll truly enjoy your skin after the procedure.

For further questions or a complementary consultation, please contact Elba D’Asaro, RN, CLS and Certified Laser Specialist at Spa Medica, LLC in Monument, CO 719-487-SKIN (7546).

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