Dermapen Skin Care by Spa Medica, LLC

DERMAPEN-3Designed for collagen induction therapy, Dermapen is primarily used to help you restore the brilliance of your natural skin in areas of the face where it has dulled over time. Whether it’s the wrinkles on your forehead that simply won’t go away or the old acne scars that continue to be a source of insecurity for you, Dermapen will make sustainable advances so that your skin can shine as it was meant to! And, because collagen induction is a natural process for the body, you won’t have to worry about adding chemicals to your already sensitive skin.

The DermaPen allows a trained pro to stamp your skin with a disposable “head” that contains several needles. The pen has the ability to control the depth of each needle, which is key to getting the best result. The stamping motion also causes less trauma to the epidermis by making smaller holes that the holes made by a dermal roller. This means less pain and less downtime.

For further questions or a complementary consultation, please contact Paula Brady, Paramedical Aesthetician and Certified Laser Specialist at Spa Medica, LLC in Monument, CO 719-487-SKIN (7546).

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