Formula 3 Toe Nail Fungus TreatmentAre you looking for Formula 3 for Toe Nail Fungus? Ask about Formula 3 Antifungal for Toe Nail Fungus treatment at Spa Medica, LLC in Colorado Springs.

Dispensed only by licensed physicians and clinically proven to eliminate even the most severe fungal infections, Formula 3 is an all around effective way to resolve recurring fungal infections. And, not only does this product eradicate fungus occurring on your skin and under your nail, it also protects against future infections by killing off any residual spores that may otherwise prevent your body from healing appropriately after the initial eradication.

The treatment is effective as a result of Tetra’s invention of oil-soluble tolnaftate. Formula 3® was the first product available to patients utilizing this formulation which includes natural jojoba oil. The jojoba oil is quickly absorbed by the skin, which delivers the tolnaftate directly to the infected area.

Because jojoba is virtually identical to sebum — the oil people’s skin produces naturally– the tolnaftate in Formula 3® Antifungal quickly and effectively penetrates the skin, speeding healing to the infected areas.

For further questions or a complementary consultation, please contact Paula Brady, Paramedical Aesthetician and Certified Laser Specialist at Spa Medica, LLC in Monument, CO 719-487-SKIN (7546).

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